Exposing the Agenda Behind
Covid-19 Vaccinations

Reasons Why Every Person Should Refuse and Resist
Taking the Covid-19 Vaccination

  • NO need for global vaccinations (survival rate is 99% & death rate 0.5%)
  • Genetically modified technology (mRNA & rDNA) never before used on humans
  • Similar technology used in developing bioweapons
  • Vaccines companies funded by DOD, DARPA, DTRA/partnered with China
  • Chinese military linked with US in vaccine research and development
  • Most vaccine companies investigated for fraud or crimes
  • Vaccines did not go through proper testing protocols and are unsafe
  • Vaccines have undisclosed 'patented' ingredients
  • Vaccines will be used for rapid global depopulation
  • Vaccines use insect, mammalian, or plant mRNA platforms
  • Original DNA will be altered which causes mutations, cancers, etc.
  • Vaccines can cause severe side effects and deaths to millions
  • Vaccines will usher in transhumanism (merging technology with humans)
  • Capabilities to genetically modify human sexual composition/non-genders
  • All vaccine companies are part of Agenda 2030/The Great Reset
  • Vaccine manufacturers are legally exempted from all liability
  • Vaccines are potentially cytotoxic (cell damage or cell death)
  • Pollution from synthetic manmade materials disrupt cellular function
  • Forceful reprogramming of human body functions via mRNA technology
  • Over stimulation of the immune system
  • Modification of the racial gene (possible extermination of certain races)
  • Dangerous pathological immune reactions
  • Behavioral and mood modifications
  • Vaccine recipients will be tracked for 2 years by Operation Warp Speed
  • Connected to digital ID for global surveillance
  • Synchronization with artificial intelligence through Nanotechnology
  • Questionable stability on storage and dispensing vaccine

  • "Discovery of the Human Genome was the Biggest Tragedy for the Human Race."

    The Horrendous Sins of 7 Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturers (All Connected to China):

    Johnson & Johnson:
    Covered up (and still selling)
    Cancer-Causing Products. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/ Global Communism (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    Bribed Government Regulators for Drug Approval. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/ Global Communism (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    Masters of
    Stock Manipulation. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/ Global Communism (Sustainbility). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK):
    Guilty of Largest Human Healthcare
    Drug Fraud in Human History. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/ Global Communism (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    Bribing Doctors, Officials, and
    even Terrorists. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/Global Communism (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    Novavax (partners with AstraZeneca):
    Billions Go into the Company, but
    Nothing Comes Out. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/Global Communsim (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.
    Skewed results of Clinical Trials to Promote Dangerous Arthritis Drug, causing Thousands of Heart Attacks. Promotes Agenda 2030/The Great Reset/ Global Communism (Sustainability). No legal liability for side effects or fatalities.

    The Goal: 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines to be distributed by the end of 2021!

    Our government allows 346,000 babies a year to be aborted and pays Planned Parenthood $600 million annually to ensure our population is depressed. The pharmaceutical giants who are developing the Covid-19 vaccines kill 100,000 people a year with the drugs they manufacture. Bill Gates, who is behind all of the Covid-19 vaccine companies for the US, was caught hiding sterility hormones HCG in his tetanus shot in Africa and the Philippines, causing infertility in thousands of women. Do you really believe these same people care anything at all about your health? The Covid-19 vaccines are not developed to save your life, but rather to depopulate, change the makeup of humanity through genetic engineering, and control populations.

    Organizations and Departments Connected to the Covid Pandemic Scam, Agenda 2030,
    The Great Reset, and Manufacturing and Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccinations:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • World Economic Forum
  • United Nations
  • John Hopkins University
  • US Department of Defense (DOD) and DTRA
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • International Finance Facility for Immunization
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Health & Human Services/BARDA
  • Chinese Center for Disease Control
  • CEPI
  • Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunizations
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • International Vaccine Institute (IVI)
  • News-12-12-2020:

    FDA Approves US Pfizer Vaccine!
    It will be Dispensed within Days!

    For detailed information on the real data concerning Covid-19, this site is an excellent source:
    Swiss Research Report
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